E2V 1.3 M B/W or Color Global Shutter Binocular Cameras Module
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Component/Feature Specifications
CMOS Sensor: 1/1.8" e2V EV76C560 - also available with color sensor (Bayer Filter)
Active pixels: 1280(H)*1024(V)
Pixel size: 5.3(H)*5.3(V)um
Active sensor size: 6.8(H)*5.5(V)mm
High-speed shutter: 21us + steps of 21us
Low-speed shutter: up to 1.35 sec. adjustable integration time
Integration: Global shutter
Picture taking: program-controlled or external high speed trigger, full-frame (50 frames per second) & partial scanning (up to 4500 fps for 1280*1), jitterfree acquisition.
A/D conversion: 100 MHz/10bit, only the 8 most significant bits used for grey values
Input LUT yes
Image Display Via 1 Gbit Ethernet onto PC
Processor: Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9 with 866 MHz and integrated FPGA (Zynq 7010)
Flash EPROM: 16 GB flash memory (nonvolatile)
Process interface: 12 programmable I/Os
Additional LVTTL IOs: I2C Clock and Data signals (I2C also used internally for Sensor control), trigger input (opto-decoupled), Flash output (open collector)
Ethernet interface: 1 Gbit
Serial interface: RS232
CE certification: Company Certified
Storage Conditions Temperature: -20 to 60 deg C, Max, humidity: 90%, non condensing.
Operating Conditions: Temperature: 0... +55 deg C, Max, humidity: 80%, non condensing.
Power Supply: 12-24V DC, max. 300mA
Operating Consumption: 1.9w

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